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E3 Wishlist and Life is Strange Thoughts – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 3)

By What's Good Games | June 2nd, 2017

It’s hard to believe, but E3 just around the corner. So, let’s share a few of our E3-related hopes, dreams, ambitions, etc. as well as talk about some sweet video game news, bro.

Catch the audio-only here:

Date: June 2, 2017
0:44 Intro
3:00 Patreon shout outs and thank yous

8:15 – SEGMENT 1: NEWS
Nintendo Switch online multiplayer service
16:03 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Delayed to October
18:25 – New Assassin’s Creed character leak
21:41 – Britt’s PokemonGO confession
Pokemon GO might finally get multiplayer
30:30 -Life is Strange Prequel Leak?
33:05 – Xbox Game Pass Launches! Do we like it?

40:22 – Alexa: Fire Emblem Echoes
44:52 – Britt: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus and Chapter 13 Verse 2
51:53 – Steimer: Tuber simulator! Pewdiepie mobile game
56:55 – Andrea: Life is Strange

SEGMENT 3: E3 2017 Wishlist
1:18:46 – What we want to see at E3 2017!
Alexa: Fire Emblem Switch, Final Fantasy XV Prompto DLC, Kingdom Hearts III HOPEFULLY AFTER YOU BROKE MY HEART SQUARE ENIX
1:30:46 – Steimer: Pipe dream: new Viva piñata. Won’t happen, but whatever. Something new from Xbox that makes me want to play it (that also won’t get cancelled later) would be nice.
1:37:14 – Andrea: Want to see Bioware Edmonton secret IP
Excited to play Middle-earth: Shadow of War
1:47:56 – Britt: DARK CLOUD 3 (like always /sadface), news re: Dying Light. Something re: Dragon Age?

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