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About What’s Good Games

What happens when friends with nearly 30 years of games industry experience get together and record a podcast? Something pretty cool.

Welcome to What’s Good Games, an up-beat show for the nerd-inclined and your source for video game news, commentary, analysis, and funny stuff, every Friday. This particular Voltron is comprised of Andrea Rene (host/producer extraordinaire, seen on Yahoo Esports, IGN, GameStop TV, and more) and Brittney Brombacher (the kick-ass creator of

We’ve been friends for years, but have often discussed how there weren’t many satisfactory ways to get our voices out there, together. That all changed when the stars aligned. We joined forces and spun up our very own channel with a focus on positive, up-beat, and inclusive video games coverage.

Photo of Andrea Rene

Andrea Rene

Andrea Rene is the Director of Operations for What’s Good Games and self-proclaimed “office mom.” She’s held a microphone for dang near everyone in the video games business, including hosting EA PLAY 2018, Facebook Gaming’s “Raise Your Game” Live stage at E3 2019, the Nintendo World Championship 2017, and more. She’s moderated panels and hosted live streams for publishers like 2K Games, Square Enix, Warner Bros, Xbox, Ubisoft, and Squanch Games. Plus, she was a guest contributor or featured host on Viceland, IGN, Gamespot, Spike TV, Yahoo Esports, ABC, DC All Access, GameStop TV, and more.

When she’s not traveling to tech and gaming conventions like E3, PAX, CES, or Comic-Con, Andrea enjoys chilling with her cats and plotting the future of What’s Good Wine.

Photo of Brittney Brombacher

Brittney Brombacher

Brittney is the Director of Marketing & Community at What’s Good Games. (She’s also unofficially officially the Director of Whiskey as well.) LET’S TAKE IT BACK: After graduating from high school in 2006, Brittney immediately hopped into an 8-5 office job – with a 3-hour commute! While the pay and benefits were great, Brittney found she wasn’t necessarily happy with the type of work she was doing. During the summer of 2009, after watching G4’s E3 coverage, she decided to open up her laptop and start writing about video games. In the years that followed Brittney started a website, joined a few podcasts and ultimately began covering events like E3, PAX, SDCC and more via her personal brand. She left her office job in 2013 to pursue a career in video games AND HERE WE ARE TODAY!

Sidenote: She thinks writing about herself in third person is weird.