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Britt’s Weekend Recap!

Here’s what Britt was up to this weekend! How about you? Subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Who Won the Game Awards 2017? – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep 30)

This week the ladies talk about that “leaked” God of War release date, Capcom’s latest Mega Man announcements, CHOCOBOS IN...

The First Game You Finished?

What’s the first video game you finished? TELL US AAAAAAAAALL about it! Subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Andrea’s Weekend Recap!

HEY FRIENDS! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here’s Andrea with her weekend recap!

Epic Games Sues 14 Y/O?! – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 29)

This week the ladies chat about the upcoming updates coming to Final Fantasy XV, the lawsuit between Epic Games and...

Alexa’s Theory: Mario is Dead – What’s Good Games Clips

We all love Alexa and her theories. Have you heard her latest? That Mario is dead? It’s a doozy. This...

Halloween Memories! – What’s Good Games Secret Segments

Hey friends! Secret Segments are 30-day Patreon exclusive videos. After the 30 days are up, VOILA! They’ll appear here. To...

Steimer’s Weekend Recap!

Here’s Steimer with her weekend recap! What were you up to? Subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Is it GOOD? – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 28)

This week the ladies chat about the release of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Nintendo’s recent sales success and Belgium’s declaration...

First Date Advice and Stories with Match

Andrea, Britt and Steimer talk about first dates, dating advice and ALL things related to the dating world. (Some may...