Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Ditching Campaign?! – What’s Good Games (Ep. 49)

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This week Britt, Andrea, and Steimer discuss Casey Hudson’s blog post about more story coming for Anthem, the reports of a single-player campaign being dumped from Call of Duty, Pok√©mon Switch rumors and the new Monster Hunter World update. Plus they chat about their continued time in Far Cry 5, Britt talks about “Nindie” Burly Men at Sea, and they continue their discussion of God of War. Finally, they go a little off the rails by answering some…unorthodox questions.

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  • Hey ladies. First time catching the podcast and I’m officially hooked. But I wanna share my views on Anthem which even a few of my friends are calling “The Destiny Killer” which I feel like its a bit much but won’t know til we play it right? But honestly I’m pumped for this game. I feel like it’ll definitely pull BioWare right out of their mediocrity. They dominated the story world of gaming heavy. Dragon Age. Mass Effect. Hell I mean Knights of the Old Republic? Top notch gaming all around, so do I hate the push back of the release of Anthem? Absolutely. Do I feel it was the right call? Absolutely again. EA being the pay to win bastards they are being I’m ready to see what Anthem has to offer.

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