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Cyberpunk 2077 Hands-On Q&A

By What's Good Games | June 25th, 2020

Britt had the amazing opportunity to play roughly four hours of Cyberpunk 2077! How deep is the character customization? What is the combat like? Are we overhyping this game? IS IT GRUNT-WORTHY?!

Thank you WGG patrons for your questions! Look for an even deeper dive into Cyberpunk 2077 on this week’s podcast!

Thank you CD PROJEKT RED for the opportunity.

Timestamps: 2:56 How deep is the customization? 9:03 How do the gun mechanics feel? 10:32 How is the voice acting? Did you see romance? 12:26 Did playing a bit increase your hype for the game? 12:33 Is there anything you feel is missing or has changed from the last time you saw it? 13:32 Were you intimidated by the scope of the game? 15:25 Did you get to ride around in the motorcycle? 17:30 Are we overhyping or underhyping this game? 18:30 What is the moment to moment gameplay like? 20:10 Cosmetic customization + first person? 21:46 Does it feel like a Witcher 3 evolution? 22:55 Keanu! 23:41 What are the weapon systems like? What did you use? 25:35 Did you get to see different environments? 27:47 Is it in the running for Britt Grunt Worthy Gamed of the Year Award?

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