Destiny 2 So Far and New Nintendo Switch Games – What’s Good Games Podcast (Ep. 18)

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This week Andrea and Steimer chat about the Nintendo Direct including new games coming for Switch, releases dates, and the return of the NES Classic. They take a deep dive into Destiny 2 so far and Andrea chatted with Kelly Wallick of the Indie Megabooth about their rocket to success.


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  • You have good points about Destiny 2’s RNG and the quests. You’re right that the game is heavily focused on their puzzles about finding their quest lines and where they are. If the would add some STORY with decisions about what your character would do or change to their attitude in the game that would be awesome.

    I know Destiny isn’t Mass Effect or even an RPG, but it’s really trying to do these things without any emotion. It’s just bland to me sometimes, but literally everything else is top notch.

  • Listened in, and I feel the frustrations with Destiny 2 reflect what I found bothersome with Diablo 3 or with Borderlands 2. As soon as my friends stop playing with me, I’m not compelled to keep grinding, and that I had to work through grinds to be able to “Hang with” my friends, as their strength would leave me in the dust. I think after a certain point, if your “end game content” is more of the same, there ought to be some other game mode that can be unlocked to engage different forms of play (apart from the good shooting and combat).

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