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E3 2018 Predictions…By A Magic 8 Ball – What’s Good Games (Ep. 53)

By What's Good Games | May 18th, 2018

E3 is LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS AWAY (!!!) so it’s time to make some freakin’ predictions. But this time the What’s Good Games crew has the help of a friend…a Magic 8 Ball. Some predictions are bold, some are predictable, and some are NEVER happening, but we hope you enjoy this special episode!

0:42 – Welcome to the show!
3:41 – Our E3 predictions HAVE A TWIST
9:00 – Our predictions for EA’s conference
19:11 – Xbox conference predictions
43:46 – Bethesda conference predictions
51:03 – Square Enix predictions
59:34 – Ubisoft’s conference predictions
1:10:50 – PlayStation predictions
1:24:00 – Nintendo predictions

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