Epic Games Sues 14 Y/O?! – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 29)

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This week the ladies chat about the upcoming updates coming to Final Fantasy XV, the lawsuit between Epic Games and a cheating teenager, Mario cereal (?!) and Destiny 2’s latest woes. Hands-on impressions include Britt’s take on Final Fantasy XV Comrades, Steimer’s Wolfestein II thoughts and Andrea’s feelings after returning to paragon. Also, what’s the best way to introduce someone to gaming?

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  • First off, I’m a big fan and follower of this show since the beginning. You folks are fantastic to listen to, and it’s been great getting a female perspective on my favorite hobby.
    That’s why I felt it was important to express my distaste for how you handled the news of the 14 year old vs EA story. I felt it was cringey, not only for the fact that you seemed to side with the multi million dollar goliath, but also for the idea that you gave full responsibility to the teenager for his actions, and then you laugh about it. It’s laughable to think that a teenager is going to interpret the legal documentation, and then make the decision to sue all on his own. That decision either fell with his mother, or the family’s legal counsel.
    Either way, I felt the tone and implications during this segment were equal parts rage inducing and unfunny. If you continue this type of storytelling on future podcasts you’ll be out one listener. During this time in our nation’s history, I have no more patience for corporate apologists or proverbial shittings on the little guy.

    With that said, looking forward to next weeks episode!

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