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Horror video games: Love them? Hate them? Can you even play them? Do they make you lose control over your bowels? Let us know!

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  • (Forgive the long comment. Got Carried Away.

    TL;DR: Love them!

    Horror games are one of my favorite genres in video games, for the EXACT reason Andrea said she dislikes them. The sense of terror, or impending terror, that comes along with a well executed horror game is fantastic. My love of the genre budded with Silent Hill 2 for PS2 and slowly waned over time. This was kicked back into high gear 2 years ago with my completion of SOMA (Which I recommend everyone play). However, not all horror games are made equal, and while they are all under the encompassing label of ‘horror, the experience extracted from them can be widely different. Three seem to recur

    Jump Scare Factories – Five Nights at Freddy’s falls into this category and while it was not the first, it definitely brought attention in recent years to this kind of game. Unfortunately, these don’t do it for me. The creepy music, the atmospheres are great, but the “jump scariness” seems to cheapen the experience. However, this is also the basis for most haunted houses, so go figure these get public attention regularly.

    Mind Distortion – Dead Space and Evil Within (And hopefully soon EW2!) twist your mind and give you the sense of revulsion, which we then attribute to the fear response. Some of these are incredibly refined. The same primal survival response of self-preservation kicks into high gear with these. Mixed in with well placed and intentional resource management, these are some of the most rewarding. The unfortunate side effect of a few of these is taking the preservation element too far, and they become more shooters with some scary elements. Resident Evil exhibited this until its most recent installment.

    Terror Incarnate – Games like Outlast, SOMA, Layers of Fear, P.T. and, to an extent, Resident Evil 7 are built to establish up self-contained experience with its own rules and atmosphere, then welcome your attempts to survive its horrors. These games are my personal favorite. The added layer of abject helplessness refines the experience with that last little edge, and a well executed game fully vests you in the world. Some of the more popular games like Amnesia have obtained Cult-like following. Which I completely understand.

  • I hate to playing horror video game only love to playing action video game. I have neither played horror video games nor played till date

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