Most Anticipated 2018 Video Games – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 32)

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This week the ladies chat about For Honor’s animation SNAFU and the recently announced Catherine remake. Steimer revisits Persona 5, Andrea feels yet another sting from the Curse of Osiris, and Alexa Ray has some shocking things to say about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s new DLC Champions’ Ballad. Plus, the girls take a look at the most anticipated video games titles slated for 2018, or we hope. *Fingers Crossed*

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  • Hey What’s Good Games crew, been listening to this podcast since launch every week, great show. I have something I wanna share and comment on. And its about Zelda and TGA.

    In previous episode you discussed TGA predicting Zelda would win because its more popular and I know you probably voted Horizon for GOTY and saying how Horizon is better in your opinions. I totally respect it. But come on, how is it possible that Zelda could be more popular than Mario or even PUBG? Considering millions of more copies of Mario series were sold than Zelda series. And PUBG is hitting 30 million players in one year. If GOTY is really based on popularity I dont think Zelda stands a chance to win. But why did it still win? Here is my opion.

    First and foremost is what defines GOTY? In my opinion GOTY means a game that is most enjoyable and most memorable that people experienced in a year. And I think it doesn’t have to be specific aspects of the game say story or gameplay or atmosphere. It can be any of those that stands out the most for people playing the game. I played a lot of games this year. But for me the open world design and creative gameplay in Zelda really stuck with me than anything else this year. And the only game I keep coming back to for more than 150 hours and I am still playing it right now. So its definitely my GOTY because its giving me the experience no other games do. I am not saying others great games like Horizon and Mario don’t deserve GOTY, I am pretty sure they are lots of people’s GOTY. It’s just not for me. To me Zelda is really something special, and I know its very personal, I can only speak for myself. But I am pretty sure there are millions of people who played Zelda this year felt the same like I did. And surely most of the juries who voted for TGA felt the same way too. Don’t forget 90% vote comes from those juries who are video games journalists and professionals including your crew. I am pretty sure most of your colleagues voted for Zelda that’s why it got GOTY. And It’s fair to say as professionals you and your colleagues must have played so many games this year and compared them thoughtfully. If Zelda won, it won for a proper reason like I just explained, and I’d like to believe most juries are not biased and doing a great job of what they do just like you. That also means just because someone think Zelda doesn’t deserve GOTY doesn’t really make it not deserve it.

    Next point I want to address is that although I think Zelda totally deserves GOTY doesn’t mean this game is perfect. I actually totally agree lots of the criticisms about the game regarding the story and lack of content in DLC. I’m totally with you when you say that story in this game is kind of a letdown, it could have been so much better. And I too am really disappointed with second DLC pack. I expected more story than just 10 minutes cutscenes. Besides story there are also some framerate issues and lack of traditional dungeons and some people are complaining the world is too empty. I totally get it, but I think despite all the flaws this game is still amazing. What this game does right totally makes up for the shortcomings in this game. It’s so easy to get lost in Hyrule solving puzzles, taking down enemies, discovering new things in thousand different ways that you almost forgot there is even a story in there. That’s why I think even though this game as flawed as it can be is still better than any other games this year in my opinion,
    because I enjoy it the most.

    That’s all I want to say, keep doing a great job. Best of luck.

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