Nintendo Wants More Indie Games – What’s Good Games (Ep. 61)

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This week the team discusses Nintendo’s new directive to add lots more indie games to the eShop for Switch, what the heck is going on with Fortnite’s Season 5 teases, Xbox’s Special Olympics tournament, and some crazy E3 2018 statistics. In segment 2, Steimer discusses Hero U, Britt has played more Vampyr and Resident Evil 2, and Andrea jumped back into the Division. And finally, the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit spoilercast is here!

Segment One: News
0:42 Welcome to the show! We’re sweaty!
5:15 Andrea’s panels at SDCC! Go watch!
14:45 Nintendo wants more indies on the eShop
24:36 Darksiders 3 coming this November
30:13 Fortnite is invading our world
36:50 Xbox gaming tournament at the Special Olympics
39:02 E3 was big this year!

Segment Two: What We’re Playing
42:05 Welcome back!
43:00 Britt has been playing Destiny 2
48:36 Steimer has been playing Hero-U
59:27 Andrea’s Switch Adventures
1:16:25 Britt’s updated Vampyr impressions
1:20:21 Steimer’s West of Loathing impressions

Segment Three: Grab Bag
1:23:16 Welcome back! Let’s spoil the CRAP out of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

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