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Our 2017 Game of the Year So Far – What’s Good Games Videocast (Ep. 8)

By What's Good Games | July 7th, 2017

To celebrate the halfway point of 2017, the gang goes over their picks for Game of the Year so far. Will it be the majestic Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the robo-dino hunter simulator Horizon: Zero Dawn or something more terrifying like Resident Evil 7? The girls discuss the blockbusters they’ve played plus a few smaller titles you may not expect.

Time Stamps:
​4:00 – Our initial picks for GOTY 2017
​7:22 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild discussion
​17:28 – Horizon: Zero Dawn discussion
28:53 – Nier discussion
​33:02 – Resident Evil 7 discussion
​39:35 – Thimbleweed Park discussion
​43:13 – Mario Kart nod
44:10 – What Remains of Edith Finch​
​47:33 – Persona 5
48:20 – Mass Effect: Andromeda
49:30 – Player Unknown Battlegrounds
51:16 – Games we are excited for coming up: Wolfenstein, Shadow of War, Rabbids + Mario, Super Mario Odyssey, South Park​
​51:50 – Thirsty Zelda/Link story

HUGE thank you and shoutout to our awesome Turbo Patrons and above!

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Adam Rippon

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Harrison Pink

Steve Lin


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