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Pokemon Switch AND Fallout 76?! – What’s Good Games (Ep. 55)

By What's Good Games | June 1st, 2018

This week Brandon Jones of Easy Allies joins the team to discuss a HUGE week of news. STRAP IN: The Pokemon Company announced not 1, but 3 new Pokemon games are coming to Nintendo Switch. Bethesda revealed Fallout 76 is coming and we’ll learn more at E3. Plus more game announcements and PUBG Corp made good on their wishes to sue Epic Games over Battle Royale.

In hands-on: Andrea and Brandon chat about We Happy Few and Underworld Ascendant, Britt played Pokemon Quest and Steimer decided State of Decay 2 is no bueno.

Lastly we chat with Brandon about old Game Trailers memories and what Easy Allies is up to!

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