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PSN Name Changes ARE HAPPENING! – What’s Good Games Podcast (Ep. 74)

By What's Good Games | October 12th, 2018

HOLY CRAP, PSN name changes are coming and Britt and Steimer are here to talk ALL about it. Other discussions include Microsoft’s Project xCloud, updated impressions on Google’s Project Stream, the “confirmation” of PS5 and a potential release date, Nintendo’s new Switch hardware rumor and SO MUCH MORE. Hands-on impressions include Celeste, Broken Sword 5 and Super Mario Party!

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Segment One: News
:45 Welcome to the show!
21:34 Project xCloud
29:30 Google’s Project Stream impressions
32:56 Sony confirms “PS5” hardware
34:35 Next-gen coming in 2019?!
41:10 Let’s take this train briefly off the rails
43:46 New Nintendo Switch coming next year?
50:05 Rumor: Microsoft is close to buying Obsidian Entertainment
57:00 Telltale’s The Walking Dead update
1:06:53 Borderlands 2 VR is a thing
1:16:00 More Witcher Netflix castings

Segment Two: Hands-On
1:20:00 Welcome back!
1:23:14 Celeste & difficult games
1:33:03 Britt’s gaming indecisiveness
1:37:48 Broken Sword 5
1:46:57 Super Mario Party

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