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Resident Evil 3 Remake LEAKED! – What’s Good Games (Ep. 134)

By What's Good Games | December 6th, 2019

This week Steimer is out on bidnass so Britt and Andrea are here to chat, or should we say Britt is here to GRUNT about the Resident Evil 3 Remake leak! But that’s not all, Riot Games settled their employee lawsuit, Nintendo Switch set new sales records, PlayStation is no longer going to make handheld consoles, the disc-less Xbox rumors get new details, and Outlast wants to scare you with your friends! It’s such a doozy of a news week it spreads into the 2nd segment! Britt chats about her time with Arise: A Simple Story and Tools Up, plus Andrea dips her toes into Need for Speed Heat. And for good measure they have a nice, spoiler-free, chat about The Mandalorian on Disney+.

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